Tips for Interviewing

The following tips will help improve your hiring results:

  1. There is no substitute for good interviewing training. Selecting from a list of interview questions you find on the Internet is not the most effective method for picking out the best possible candidate. Create your own list of questions based on the requirements for the specific job you have available.
  2. Invest in developing your listening and probing skills. A candidate's initial response to your questions will not reveal the depth of information you need to evaluate his or her skills and to investigate the truthfulness of the answers. It is important that you learn to dig deeper.
  3. Be consistent in your questions. For your final analysis, you will need to compare the qualifications of the available candidates. Remember that you can't compare apples to oranges!
  4. Become familiar with the laws and regulations that impact hiring. If you're not sure, your human resource consultant and your employment attorney can help you.
  5. Challenge your first impressions. Many candidates reveal talents and weaknesses that are not immediately obvious. See Tip #2!
  6. Keep thorough notes on your interviews. Document your observations rather than your conclusions. Your notes don't need to be neatly typed or even written in complete sentences, but they should enable you to reconstruct how and why you made your hiring decision. If you're not sure how long you need to keep your notes, see Tip #4!
  7. Consider having a professional background check done on your final candidates. Make sure that the checks you do are job-related, and that the information is dealt with appropriately. Once again, see Tip #4!