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Affirmative Action Plans

Not every company needs an Affirmative Action Plan, but if you are a have a government contract or subcontract, you may need to prepare one each year. Not sure if you are required to do this? Ask your attorney, or click here for more specific information on who must have a Plan.

An Affirmative Action Plan documents the employer’s policies, procedures and practices used to make sure that its employees and applicants have equal opportunities in hiring, promotion, training, discipline and related areas. The Plan includes an analysis of how the employer’s hiring and other employment practice results compare with what would be expected based on the available labor pool. It identifies any problem areas, sets goals for them, and describes how the employer addresses them.

The contents of an Affirmative Action Plan must meet requirements established by the Office of Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), part of the US Department of Labor. To see a sample of an Affirmative Action Plan on their website, click here.

If you need help preparing your Affirmative Action Plan, please contact us.